Board Chairman, Director-Mark Sun

As an innovative and ambitious apartment developer, Sunlong is focused on creating better lifestyles for its residents through the prime location and quality of its affordable inner city projects.

On behalf of the board and shareholders, I would like to thank our management, our staff, our joint venture partners and our consultants for their dedicated efforts to maintain our reputation as Western Australia’s leading and most trustworthy apartment developer.

Our record profit and cash position in FY15 has provided us with the opportunity to reward all our shareholders with a decent dividend. We thank you for your support over the past years and as we enter into year this new financial year, we look forward to updating you on our pipeline of projects.

Developing better lifestyles is more than just a mantra, it is a personification of the positive impact residents often experience with a Sunlong development. Residents are immersed in a better way of life through both physical and mental satisfaction which is seamlessly apparent when living in a celebrated Sunlong apartment, with our latest project Bella Vita to be completed in 2016 being no exception.

Managing Director-Sean Xing

We are very proud of our reputation as Western Australia’s most trusted and leading apartment developer which is founded on our disciplined approach to our business development and capital control, and our long term Joint Venture partners. This philosophy remains a core value to our business and is imperative if we are to continue to meet the rising demand for apartment style living in Perth through lager and more sophisticated residential development, predominantly in inner city locations.

According to The Directions 2031 report published by the Western Australian government in 2010, current state government policy is focused on accommodating a greater proportion of medium-rise and higher density housing to meet the demands of the Perth metropolitan population reaching 3.5 million by 2050.

This state government in-fill policy is aligned with Sunlong’s strategy to provide long term sustainable residential apartment development in an attempt to slowdown the rapid rate of urban sprawl that continues to take place across Perth’s outer suburbs.

It is my pleasure once again to thank all our staff, building contractors, service providers, consultatnts, joint venture partners, and state government departments who are responsible for contributing to a 4th consecutive year of record profitability for the group.